The Aquari Token

10% Tax per Transaction

Every transaction is taxed 10%. The following cards breakdown the taxes.

4% Burn of Taxed Coins

4% of the taxed coins are burned. This ensures a protected liquidity pool.

3% Redistribution

3% of the taxed tokens are redistributed among the holders.

3% to Aquari Efforts

3% to donation wallet to finance the Aquari Non-Profit Organization’s efforts.

How the token works


Each transaction will be taxed for 10% of its total value. Tax will be divided into: 4% that will be burned to provide liquidity; 3% that will be redistributed amongst all Aquari holders; 3% that will be sent to a donation wallet to finance the Aquari Non-Profit Organization’s efforts.

Liquidity pool coins will be sent to the time locked wallet making the coin un-ruggable. LP will be locked for 1 month after which it will be needed to provide liquidity support for centralised exchanges and after it is no longer needed for that purpose, it will be locked again until next planned listing. 4% of the initial supply will also be sent to the dev wallet that will be used to cover all expensed related to marketing, influencer payments, listing fees, additional liquidity support if LP pool is not big enough and legal support during Aquari Foundation creation.

In order to make donations we will have to withdraw assets from the donation wallet. Assets will be withdrawn in small daily batches to ensure Aquari price stability.

Token Address: 0x6500197a2488610aca288fd8e2dfe88ec99e596c

What's Next for Aquari?


  1. Aquari launching on PanCakeSwap.
  2. Initial marketing, influencers contacts, creating content for SM and spreading information about Aquari to reach as many new investors as possible.
  3. First donation made from the Charity wallet.
  4. Meeting all the requirements for listings on BSC/Coingecko/CMC and getting listed. Contracting an audit company to perform a full audit.
  1. Audit completed.
  2. Contacting exchanges to get Aquari listed on multiple exchanges.
  3. Creating a community vote system that is going to decide the next charity that will receive our support.
  4. Aquari merch designed and being able to be bought with FIAT and Aquari.
  5. Hiring marketing company to help us with marketing, contacting even more influencers.
  1. Creating our own charity organisation that will support and lead worldwide ocean cleaning initiatives.
  2. Creating community groups around the world to gather together and clean their areas.
  3. Increase marketing and PR budget so we can reach even further and invite even more people to help us with our cause and invest into Aquari.
  4. Creating Aquari NFT.
  5. Contacting more exchange platforms for additional listings.
  1. Getting listed on biggest exchanges.
  2. Creating a platform/exchange that supports charity tokens and allows people to learn about them and invest into them.
  3. Expanding our own charity organisation even more, creating branches in different countries where help is needed the most, hiring local communities, boosting local economy, cleaning rivers, seas and oceans with the help of our wonderful employees and volunteers, equipment and boats.
  4. Implementing solutions that will prevent water pollution on such a massive scale in the future.

Have questions? We have answers.


At the beginning of our journey we are going to work with existing organizations, in next phases we will work to create our own environmental conservation organization which will hire people in order to clean the water tanks and help the marine live across the world.
At launch we have manually burned 47% of all tokens available. Also due to our community vote 4% of every trade is going to be automatically burned forever.
We are aware that saving the planet is not an easy task, but we believe that with help from our community we will be able to accomplish everything we have planned.
Aquari is not just a charity or donation token, This is a project that is being run by a community to help our world, we are going to use crypto assets to create a positive impact and in the near future we are going to start our own environmental conservation organization that will help restore our planet’s natural beauty.



Maciej Szczygieł

Co-Founder | Research & Development Director

Cameron Clarke

Co-Founder | Director of Operations

Anthony Pascual

Co-Founder | Director of Software Engineering

Michał Sadecki

Co-Founder | Marketing & PR

Christopher Reyes

Co-Founder | Content & Copywriting

Abdullah Osama