The Mission

Everything You Need to Know

Aquari's Mission to Earth

The World As It Stands Now

Aquari is more than just a token. Aquari aims to create a system which will completely redefine how society chooses finance environmental conservation efforts in the 21st century. Currently, existing environmental conservation organizations must approach multi-millionaires, billionaires, and corporate sponsors alike in order to receive sizeable funding to continue their operation. There exist many flaws in this current system of doing things. The first problem is that in the context of a capitalistic society we have deemed actions that generate profit (value) are to be prioritized. For the most part this has done a sufficient job in the allocation of resources and coordination of supply chains for the many industries in which a profit incentive can be easily applied. However, in industries for which a profit incentive are not easily applied such as Environmental Conservation this has failed miserably. It is a shame that the organizations we entrust with conserving our planet’s beautiful ecosystems are metaphorically left to be beggars on the streets relative to other industries due to the simple fact that no one has come up with a way to attach a profit incentive to protecting our environment as of yet.

Aquari aims to remedy this problem by mobilizing the power of the blockchain as way to finally attach a profit motive towards environmental conservation. We will achieve this goal through the successful deployment and adoption of the Aquari Token. (Cryptocurrency)

The Advantages of DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

In 2021 the cryptocurrency market even in its current speculative infantile state has shown that the power of blockchain can reduce the economic friction present in today’s markets in a very dramatic way. Many projects have taken off often reaching hundreds of millions of dollars in valuation from mere speculation alone. If a project wishes to survive for the long term, they must quickly find a way to turn their speculative value into tangible real-world value. Many in the world of traditional finance have decided scoff at the current cryptocurrency market with the notion that it is inherently wrong for seemingly random people from across the globe to have been able to acquire millions of dollars in the span of mere weeks for seemingly useless projects. While it is true that the majority of projects in the world of DeFi will eventually die out and that most teams do not deserve even a slight amount of the money that have been put into their hands, these analysts are overlooking one major point. Teams that have nothing to show but empty hands will eventually wither away out as the market corrects itself whilst teams that truly do have something revolutionary to offer the world will flourish in the next market cycle. This is exactly what happens in the stock market but with one key difference; In the stock market, the brainchild of the project will be an existing CEO and company founder whereas in DeFi, capital is placed directly in the hands of an individual or team who possesses the direct knowledge and expertise to bring a project from a dream to reality. The existing institutions of traditional finance have perfected the art of directing capital into already proven and trusted businesses, whereas on the other hand DeFi has the power to place capital directly into the hands of trusted and specialized regular people. This technology is reducing friction in markets by not only allowing capital to flow to already proven businesses, that may not have come to fruition by the the means of traditional finance due to existing market barriers.

Aquari sets the Stage

Aquari is special as it has always existed as an idea in the hearts of many which has not been able to come to fruition until now. It is common knowledge that humans want to live in a clean environment, this is a desire that cannot be disputed. In our homes we either clean our living spaces ourselves or hire others to do so instead. In the current landscape it is easy to find an individual who will clean your home. However why is it that as a society we are hard pressed to find an organization who can clean our planet on a noticeable scale? This service has been in high demand ever since the start of the industrial era but why do we have minimal supply? The simple answer to this question is that the act of amassing enough capital to restore our planet on a noticeable scale and effectively deploying it is a daunting if not outright impossible task of accounting when performed by humans alone. Blockchain technology along with Decentralized Ledgers make this possible as these innovations allow us to create a trusted third party which can account for the movement of a near limitless amount of capital in an economically feasible manner. Aquari aims to become a medium in which any individual who wishes to temporally lend their money to environmental conservation efforts no matter how small the amount may do so. The key difference here is that the individual is not making a donation, rather they are depositing an investment directly into the planet’s future in which they would be eligible to withdraw at a later date for a potential profit. The Aquari environmental conservation organization aims to use this emerging technology to become a worldwide investment vehicle dedicated to the restoration of our planets water bodies. This is the 21st century and while our technology is advanced enough to care for our planet, our current tools in the world of finance have been too primitive to tackle the task of financing the use and deployment of these technologies effectively. It is in this way that we hope to become the world’s 21st century’s solution to financing the environmental conservation efforts our planet desperately needs at the required scales. We foresee a future in which one day every human will possibly own a share of our planet’s future and will be rewarded accordingly for their contribution in the restoration of this deep blue marble we call home. It is in this way that Aquari intends to attach a profit motive to environmental conservation and in hopes spawn an entirely new industry for a green and sustainable future.